Firemail and
Chromium Switch

Gathered from news sources via letter and phone (long before the Internet as we know it) ... Contributors included Edgar Bullington, Mark Leviton, Scott Stewart, Deborah, Phil Proctor, and David Ossman ... The two small classified ads I placed in Rolling Stone were in issues that had covers featuring Alice Cooper and Hugh Hefner, respectively

Switch #5 - Scott Stewart Cartoon

Now you can go "Forward into the Past" and see what started it all ... Firemail and It's Just This Little Chromium Switch Here were the first Firesign Theatre fanzines of their kind ... Thanks to Fred Wiebel for supplying these scans ... After all these years, I had no remaining copies, and my original "paste-up" boards were too shop worn

Firemail #1

August 1972 - Buttons, bumperstickers, "Sun Duck" and more

Firemail #2

October 1972 - "Not Insane" and "MSP"

Firemail #3

March 1973 - Albums from P&B and Austin, plus "Giant Rat"

Chromium Switch #1

May 1973 - "TV" tour, Ossman and Austin albums

Chromium Switch #2

October 1973 - "Giant Rat of Sumatra," "T.B. Glide" listings

Chromium Switch #3

February 1974 - "Anytown USA" tour, "Giant Rat" cartoon

Chromium Switch #4

August 1974 - "EYKIW" and a Schizophrenia thesis

Chromium Switch #5

March 1975 - More "EYKIW" and another Scott cartoon

Chromium Switch #6

October 1975 - The final issue with updates